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Gold USD/oz. (Loco London, US Spot Gold) and Silver USD/oz. (Loco London)

Commissions apply to all order types and use a pricing structure in which all exchange and regulatory fees are included.

London Gold, US Spot Gold2
Order Amount (USD) Tiered
0 – 500,000 1.5 basis points1 *Trade Value
500,000.01 – 1,000,000 1.0 basis points1 *Trade Value
> 1,000,000 0.7 basis points1 *Trade Value
Minimum Per Order Tier 1: USD 2.00
Tiers 2 and 3: N/A
London Silver
Order Amount (USD) Tiered
0 – 250,000 3.0 basis points1 *Trade Value
250,000.01 – 500,000 2.0 basis points1 *Trade Value
> 500,000 1.5 basis points1 *Trade Value
Minimum Per Order Tier 1: USD 2.00
Tiers 2 and 3: N/A
Storage Cost Fees
London Gold, London Silver Storage cost 0.10% per annum.
US Gold USD 0.15 per ounce per month3

Borrow Fees All Products
Balance Cutoffs USD Borrow Fees Charged
0 – 1,000,000 6.33% (BM + 1%)
1,000,000.01 – 10,000,000 5.83% (BM + 0.5%)
> 10,000,000 5.63% (BM + 0.3%)

Assumes Benchmark USD is 5.08% and XAUUSD closing price is USD 1900

Example 1:
Buy 500 oz. XAUUSD at USD 1900
IBKR Execution Fee = (Tier1 500000*1.5*0.0001 + Tier2 (1900*500-500000)*1.0*0.0001) = 75+45 = USD 120
Storage fee = (1900*500*0.1%/360) = USD 2.64 per day

Example 2:
Shortsell 500 oz. XAUUSD at USD 1900
IBKR Execution Fee = USD 120
Borrow Fee = (1900*500*(5.08+1)%/360) = USD 160.44 per day

US Spot Gold Physical Delivery Fees
IBKR Processing Fee USD $500.00
Delivery Fee USD $20.00 plus an additional USD $2.50 per ounce4


  1. 1 basis point=0.0001.
  2. US Gold is only available to legal residents of the United States. US Gold is not available to legal residents of Arizona, Montana, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
  3. The fee will be calculated daily and charged on the third business day of the following month.
  4. The FideliTrade delivery fees and processes are subject to change. They can be confirmed after the delivery request has been made. For more information on US Spot Gold delivery costs and shipping see Knowledge Base.

  • Commissions apply to all order types.
  • All exchange and regulatory fees included.
  • Modified orders will be treated as the cancellation and replacement of an existing order with a new order. On certain exchanges, this may have the effect of subjecting modified orders to commission minimums as if they were new orders. For example, if an order for 200 ounces is submitted and 100 ounces execute, then you modify the order and another 100 ounces execute, a commission minimum would be applied to both 100 ounces orders. Orders that persist overnight will be considered a new order for the purposes of determining order minimums.
  • VAT, also referred to as consumption tax, goods and services tax, where applicable, will be separately applied for eligible services.
  • IBKR may change these rates at any time in its sole discretion. Commission rates may also vary by program or arrangement. Restrictions apply. The published rates are for direct clients of IBKR. Clients introduced through another broker or managed by an advisor may pay additional commissions set by their introducing broker or advisor. Clients should contact their introducing broker or advisor about the rates that will apply to their account.