Download java client
  1. Untar the external client package
    tar -xf external.webapi.client.tar.gz
    cd external.webapi.client/
  2. In the etc/consumer directory, run the following commands to compile and build the classpath
    • mvn package
    • mvn dependency:build-classpath -Dmdep.outputFile=cp.txt
  3. In the etc/consumer directory, overwrite the *.pem files with the ones you produced as part of the onboarding instructions
  4. Put the consumer key you obtained during registration with Interactive Brokers in the consumer_key entry of etc/consumer/consumer.json. This is typically a nine-character all-uppercase string, but may be shorter (e.g. TESTER).

    Put the realm you were issued (usually limited_poa) in the realm_name entry.

  5. Run the following command (assumes bash) to make a request described in etc/requests/marketdata.json
    java \
       -cp $(cat cp.txt):target/webtradingapi.client-1.0.jar \
       com.interactivebrokers.webtradingapi.client.ConsumerStart \
       --resource etc/requests/marketdata.json \
       --consumer etc/consumer/consumer.json
    If you would like to use a paper trading username, please additionally specify --login-mode paper