Mobile Options Trading

Mobile Options Trading

Mobile Options Trading.

Our innovative and intuitive tools provide a seamless options trading experience no matter where you are.

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Options Spread Templates

Easily compare similar strategies to find the one with the best risk/return profile for you with our new Spread Templates.

One-Tap Strategies

Choose a strategy and then simply tap different tiles in the grid to quickly change the legs that are part of the strategy.

Easy View and Customization

See key pieces of information on the tiles such as delta and gamma, and fine-tune the strategies that are shown by adjusting the filters.

Available in IBKR Mobile by tapping "Spreads" from the Quote Details screen.

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Futures Options Spreads Now on Mobile!

Manage Your Options

Exercise options wherever you are with our new mobile option exercise tool.

Exercise All/Partial

Choose to exercise all or some of your options with our simple, easy-to-use interface.

Proactive Suggestions

Helpful indicators make it easy to see if early exercise is projected to be beneficial to capture dividends.

Manage Your Options On-the-Go
Options Wizard

Not sure where to start
with options?
Use the Options Wizard!

Answer a few questions about your expectations of the future stock price movement, and the Options Wizard will present you with some standard strategies you can filter by aggressiveness, Probability of Profit, Max Gain and more.

Try our mobile options trading tools today

Stay on top of your portfolio and the markets wherever you are! Our IBKR Mobile app includes everything you need to trade and manage your options on-the-go.

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Try our mobile options trading tools today