Impact Dashboard

IMPACT Dashboard


Trade Your Way to the World You Want

Identify and invest in companies that share your values with the Impact Dashboard. Create a positive impact with your investments today. "Software Finalist" for FAST COMPANY – World Changing Ideas (WCI) Awards 2021

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Invest in Your Values
Invest in Your Values

Invest in Your Values

Identify the values that are important to you, like racial equality and clean air. Tag the practices that you find objectionable, like animal testing and greenhouse emissions. With the help of the dashboard, you can ensure that your current and future investments reflect your values.

See how our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores can help you invest in your values.

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Invest in Your Values

Does Your Portfolio
Make the Grade?

Based on your preferences, we calculate an overall score that shows how well your investments align with your values. Drill down and see whether a company's values align with, conflict with or are neutral with respect to your values. Open a neutral or conflicting position for alternatives that better fit your socially responsible trading objectives.

Learn more about the scoring methodology.

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Business as Usual

When you invest in companies whose principles reflect their care for the world, you're actively endorsing positive values and rewarding the businesses that promote them.

Number 1 New Tool - 2021

#1 New Trading Tool 2021 online broker review

Invest in a Better Future

Invest in a Better Future

The Impact Dashboard makes it easy for you to invest responsibly and secure your future while positively impacting our planet and society.

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